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Smart City, Village, and Region Summer Course 2018 is short-term intensive course that takes place in Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. This two weeks session is designed for student who are willing to learn and work hard to improve their understanding, knowledge and skill in smart city, village, and region. All courses are taught in English. This course is intended for second to last year undergraduate student and master student. It is also opened for anyone with a broad interest and curious mind regarding this topic. Not only students will learn the necessary knowledge in class, but they will also do excursion around Yogyakarta to do direct observation of smart city, village, and region implementation in this area.

Method & Output

Smart City, Village, and Region summer course offer various learning methods. Combining inside class learning and chance to do field observation, this course aim for student to get most of experiences regarding knowledge of smart city, village, and region as a whole. Students also learn how to do the exercise in teamwork and group discussion. In the end of the course, all students must giving a presentation from their finding of exercise and discussion.

Learning Outcome

1. Knowledge and Understanding

2. Intelectual Capability

3. Practical Skill

4. Managerial Skill

  1. Knowledge and Understanding

  • Introduction of Smart City, Village and Region
  • Understanding Cities, Villages and Regions and Identification of Problems
  • Definition and Concept of Smart City, Village and Region
  • Infrastructure (Technical Aspects) for Supporting Smart City, Village and Region
  • Aspects of Information Technology for Smart City, Village and Region
  • Social-Political Aspects of Smart City, Village and Region
  • Implementation of Smart City, Village and Region: Elements, Indicators, Application
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Cities Enable Urban Environmental Management
  • Smart Green Cities & Smart Economy
  • Smart City for Sustainable Urban Development
  • Smart City & Urban Health
  • Technology Hub Development: Cyberjaya Project
  • Smart City, ICT and PPP: UNDP Project
  1. Intellectual Capability
  • Case Study of Smart City, Village and Region in Asian & European Countries
  1. Practical Skill
  • Fieldtrip and excercise
  • Presentation
  1. Managerial Skill
  • Team work
  • Project management